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My experience in the architectural field consists of a bachelors of science degree in architecture from the New York State University at Buffalo, four years employment at Gallagher Homburger Gonzalez architects pllc. located on Long Island NY, Freelancing in the Central NY area and roughly three years working at Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects p.c. in Cazenovia New York.


The Architectural practice deals in the realm of the mind and in that of physical reality, and must employ a type of grace in order to render a connection between the two. SUNY Buffalo's architecture program bestowed upon me the thought process necessary to make those connections. My studies there would invoke more than an architectural curiosity, it had also introduced me to graphic and installation art, philosophy, photography, and amongst other things. The various courses I took at the university emphasized critical thinking to achieve a conceptual flexibility which has benefited me in all aspects of life since. Through the challenging periods and  triumphant moments the time spent working through the program with my peers holds a place in my life and has led to lasting friendships.


I am currently employed at Teitsch-Kent-Fay Architects, located in Cazenovia NY. It is a small Commercial firm that operates in a variety of markets from K-12 and higher education to places of worship and municipal facilities. In The past three years working at this firm I have grown from a profound exposure to the array of facets this practice operates within. While gaining knowledge in fire protection, energy conservation and construction detailing I have also developed skills coordinating aspects of various projects with contractors, clients, consultants and product representatives. I am thankful for working closely with the leadership at TKF Architects. Daniel Wilson Fay and Brian A. Manning have roughly 60+ years combined experience whose knowledge spans across various markets and trades which makes the pair formidable and qualified. The experience I have accumulated with their guidance has advanced my approach to the tactile elements of architecture. By actively involving me in their business and design discussions the partners at TKF architects have enriched me with their mentorship.


Notable projects:

The Parish of Saints John And Andrew_ Roof and Masonry restoration - Binghamton NY

Anaren, a TTM Technologies Company _ Clean Room construction - Syracuse NY

Cazenovia College Shove Hall _ Elevator Replacement - Cazenovia NY

Village Government Office Building _ Security | ADA | General Renovations - Hamilton NY

Community Memorial Hospital _ Master Plan Implementation (envelope consultant)- Hamilton NY


GHG Architects is where I gained my first real world exposure to the practice and an insight into how small firms operate.  I enjoyed the people and had accrued an indispensable knowledge about the discipline which fortified my understanding of residential wood framing and the elements that go into creating a home. Though working strictly in the residential market had revealed an apparent contrast to that of the design atmosphere from which I had evolved. When the time came I would decide to go in a different direction, but was always certain that I would maintain the perspective of an architectural mind set.  After moving to central New York in the fall of 2013, I took on some independent drafting projects and became moderately involved in the trade of carpentry.  More specifically I was working with my father at his window restoration business and as an assistant to various local carpenters.  In tandem with my education in design, the craft would become an outlet to respect and experiment with the materials at hand as an expression of creativity.


During my time spent freelancing, I had also been working part time in the summers from 2014 to 2017 at

A. Weis Engineering, a civil & agricultural engineering firm. The firm surveys, re-designs and engineers farming establishments, primarily dairy farms, with a secondary unconditional objective to help the farmers conform to the NYS DEC's requirements. This entailed the application of earthen and/or mechanical techniques needed to control and isolate any hazardous byproducts from the Agro process. My observation and enforcement of state criteria had led me to understand the impetus of  what I had unknowingly gotten involved in, which was New York State's role in the reduction of pollution in our water and the protection of our environment. Throughout this process I had come face to face with construction means and methods, and was now involved in critically thinking about the undulation of the land pertaining to watershed and soil makeup in relation to the site's proximity to natural waterways.  Obtaining exposure to civil engineering within the context of the agricultural industry would change what the words "dairy farm" could mean to me.  


As one grows more familiar with the tactile aspect of the linkage between concept, conception and fruition, one can be more resolute in the initial understanding of what he or she is trying to accomplish. This should foster efficiency and the confidence to explore new methods, techniques and tools. More often than not, this will implement the advantages that the tool of technology provides us.

"God is the great mysterious motivator of what we call nature, and it has been said often by philosophers, that nature is the will of God. And, I prefer to say that nature is the only body of God that we shall ever see. If we wish to know the truth concerning anything, we'll find it in the nature of that thing"

- Frank Lloyd Wright

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